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Ei ole roose õitsenud minule ('No roses have bloomed for me') (1958)

Part of a series or song cycle:

Nukrad Viivud (Sorrowful Moments)

Ei ole roose õitsenud minule ('No roses have bloomed for me')

Ei ole roose õitsenud minule,
Kuigi neid ootasin südamevärinal,
Kuigi kõik maailmas kinkisin sinule,
Teised mu teenitud roosid sult pärivad.
Kibuvits üksi on kasvand mu rajale,
Lihtsatel lehtedel kastevee pisarad,
Kümnele külmale, sajule sajale vastu ta pannud
Ja õide lööb visana.

No roses have bloomed for me

No roses have bloomed for me,
Though I awaited them with trembling heart,
Though everything in the world I gave to you,
Others receive from you my well-earned roses.
A rosehip alone has grown on my path,
On simple leaves the tears of dew,
Ten frosts, a hundred rains it has endured
And turns to bloom persistently.

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Veljo Tormis was an Estonian composer, regarded as one of the most important composers of the 20th century in Estonia.

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