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Päike paistis, kaste hiilgas ('The sun was shining, the dew gleamed') (1981)

Part of a series or song cycle:

Kolm laulu Betti Alveri luulele (3 songs on poems by Betti Alver)

Päike paistis, kaste hiilgas ('The sun was shining, the dew gleamed')

Päike paistis, kaste hiilgas,
Vidutas vihma veidike,
Pojuke mängis memme põlvel
Seljas titekleidike
Juba need julged jõngerjalad
Jooksid joovika rabani.
Tuli rätsep, õmbles riided,
Nikerdas nööpaugud nabani.
Oli see hunt, kes äkki huikas,
Tusar tihniku asukas?
Nooruk sõitis laia laande karuses killakasukas.
Kihas taplus, loitsid leegid,
Suitsesid sõjakerised,
Mehepoeg vaarus,
Vaarus keset välja
vammused veidi verised.
Memmele jäid tühjad nurgad,
Taadile hobuste talitus,
Pojuke viidi kabelimäele
Puhkama puust palitus.

The Sun was shining, the dew gleamed

The Sun was shining, the dew gleamed,
Sprinkling rain a little bit,
Little boy played on mamma’s knee
Wearing a baby’s dress
Already those brave little feet
Ran to the cranberry marsh.
Came the tailor, sewed clothes,
Crafted buttonholes to the navel.
Was it a wolf that suddenly howled,
Grumpy thicket dweller?
The youth travelled into the wide world in a furry coat
Teeming was the battle, Raging were the fires,
Smoking were the hearths of war,
The youth staggered,
staggered in the middle of the field
His doublet bloody.
To mamma were left empty corners,
To papa, tending to the horses,
The son was taken to the chapel hill
To rest in a wooden coat.

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Ester Mägi is an Estonian composer, widely regarded as the First Lady of Estonian Music.

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Elisabet "Betti" Alver was one of Estonia's most notable poets. 

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