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Uneaknale, uneaknale kevad koputas ('On the window of sleep') (1981)

Part of a series or song cycle:

Kolm laulu Betti Alveri luulele (3 songs on poems by Betti Alver)

Uneaknale, uneaknale kevad koputas ('On the window of sleep')

Uneaknale, uneaknale kevad koputas
Tahtsin tumedas majas magada,
Näpus härmalill, rinnas räitsakad.
Aga kevade kiirgas valusalt õite õhetust elu haavale.
Kõik mu suletud mõtted veeretas tuhka tuuluke tantsukingaga.
Linnud katusel naersid laginal
Kui mind ahastus aknal kägistas.

On the window of sleep

On the window of sleep, Spring knocked
I wanted to sleep in the dark house,
In my hand a frost-flower, on my chest snowflakes.
But Spring painfully shone the glow of blossom onto life’s wound.
All my closed thoughts rolled into the ashes a little breeze with a dancing shoe.
The birds on the roof laughed uproariously
When at the window anguish was strangling me.

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Ester Mägi is an Estonian composer, widely regarded as the First Lady of Estonian Music.

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Elisabet "Betti" Alver was one of Estonia's most notable poets. 

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