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Poljubila ja ('The Soldier's Wife') (1893) Op.8 no.4

Poljubila ja ('The Soldier's Wife')

Poljubila ja,
Na pechal' svoju,
Uzh takaja mne
Dolja vypala
Razluchili nas
Ljudi sil'nye;
Uvezli ego,
Sdali v rekruty...
I soldatkoj ja,
Odinokoj ja,
Znat', v chuzhoj izbe
I sostarejus'...
Uzh takaja mne
Dolja vypala.

The Soldier's Wife

I fell in love,
To my sorrow,
With a poor orphan,
With an ill-fated lad.
Such is the lot
That befell me!
Powerful folks
Separated us;
They took him away,
And made a conscript of him…
A soldier’s wife I am,
All alone I am,
It seems that I shall grow old
In a stranger’s hut…
Such is the lot
That befell me.


Sergei Rachmaninov was a Russian composer, pianist, and conductor of the late Romantic period.

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