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Kogda volnuyetsya zhelteyushchaya niva ('When the ripening wheat fields gently stir') (1897) Op. 40 no.1

Kogda volnuyetsya zhelteyushchaya niva ('When the ripening wheat fields gently stir')

Kogda volnuetsja zheltejushhaja niva,
i svezhij les shumit pri zvuke veterka,
i prjachetsja v sadu malinovaja sliva
pod ten'ju sladostnoj zeljonogo listka;
Kogda rosoj obryzgannyj dushistoj,
rumjanym vecherom il' utra v chas zlatoj,
iz-pod kusta mne landysh serebrityj
privetlivo kivaet golovoj;
Kogda studenyj kljuch igraet po ovragu
i, pogruzhaja mysl' v kakoj-to smutnyj son,
lepechet mne tainstvennuju sagu
pro mirnyj kraj, otkuda mchitsja on;
Togda smirjaetsja dushi moej trevoga,
togda raskhoditsja morshhiny na chele,
i schast'e ja mogu postignut' na zemle,
i v nebesah ja vizhu boga!

When the ripening wheat fields gently stir

When the ripening wheat fields gently stir,
And the fresh woods rustle to the sound of the breeze,
And the crimson plum hides in the garden
In the sweet shade of a green leaf;
When, sprinkled with fragrant dew,
At ruddy eventide or golden morn,
The silvery lily-of-the-valley sweetly
Nods its head to me from under the bush;
When the icy spring plays in the ravine,
And drowning my thoughts in some vague dream,
Murmurs some mysterious tale to me
About the peaceful realm from where it flows;
Then my soul is freed from its disquiet,
Then the furrows disappear from my brow,
And I can fathom happiness on earth,
And I see God in the heavens!

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Nikolai Andreyevich Rimsky-Korsakov was a Russian composer, best know for his orchestral compositions and his symphonic suite Scheherazade. He believed in developing a nationalistic style of classical music, and was influenced by Russian folk song and lore.

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