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Plenivshis rozoj, solovey ('The Nightingale') (1866) Op. 2 no.2

Plenivshis rozoj, solovey ('The Nightingale')

Plenivshis' rozoj, solovej
I den' i noch' pojot nad nej;
No roza molcha pesnjam vnemlet...
Na lire tak pevec inoj
Pojot dlja devy molodoj;
A deva milaja ne znaet –
Komu pojot i otchego
Pechal'ny pesni tak ego?...

The Nightingale

Captivated by a rose, the nightingale
Sings over her, both day and night;
But the rose in silence harkens to his songs…
And so a certain other singer, to his lyre,
Sings for his young maiden;
But the maiden tender does not know
For whom he sings, and why
His songs should be so sad?...

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Nikolai Andreyevich Rimsky-Korsakov was a Russian composer, best know for his orchestral compositions and his symphonic suite Scheherazade. He believed in developing a nationalistic style of classical music, and was influenced by Russian folk song and lore.

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