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Kõrs kahiseb ('The Straw Murmurs') (1905)

Kõrs kahiseb ('The Straw Murmurs')

Kõrs kahiseb lagedal aasal, veel sügise tuulte ees.
Sääl on kui seisaks ta mõttes, kui seisaks une sees.
Ja nagu une läbi tunneb ta kevade tuult.
Ta tunneb mesilast väikest, kes mahla imeb ta suult.
Kõik see on ammu kadund, kuid kõrrel veel meeles sääl.
Kõrs kahiseb rõõmuga naeru, kuid naerul on sügise hääl.

The Straw Murmurs

The straw murmurs on the clear meadow, before the autumn winds.
There it stands as if in thought, as if standing in a dream.
And as if through the dream, it feels the breeze of spring.
It feels the little bee, that drinks nectar from its mouth.
All that is long gone, but the straw still remembers.
The straw murmurs joyfully its laughter, but that laughter has the voice of autumn.


Mart Saar was an Estonian composer, organist and collector of folk songs.

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