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Mis see oli? ('What was It?')

Mis see oli? ('What was It?')

Mis see oli, mis nii tasa minu aknal helises?
Nagu väriseja virve, ohe lille südames?
Oli päikse hellal kiirel kevad saatnud sõnumi,
Et ta sõuab üle ilma, heljub ka mu rinnasse?
Või ehk kullakese palve akna taga helises,
Mis kui õnnes särav virve, hõise lille südames.

What was It?

What was it, that sounded so softly at my window?
Like a trembling ripple, a sigh in a flower’s heart?
Did spring send a message on the sun’s gentle rays?
Soaring over the world, and floating into my breast?
Or perhaps it was my dear one’s request sounding at the window,
Like a ripple glowing in joy, calling inside a flower’s heart.

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Mart Saar was an Estonian composer, organist and collector of folk songs.

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