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Nuku (Sleep) (1904)

Nuku (Sleep)

Nuku, pieni lintusen’,
kaino metsän kukkanen!
Kaikk’on hiljaista,
päivä maillensa laskeuu.
Nuku, lapsi äidin helmassa!
Nuku, vanhaus, haudan reunala!
Nuku, sairas,
sä, jonka elämä katkaistaan!
Nuku, sinä, joka uupuen uinumaan
käyt rauhaa rukoilen!
Sulje, sulje itkevä,
silmä, silmä, sinervä umpehen!
Nuku, sydän sykkivä,
keveästi tykkivä!
Uinu unelmiin
suuriin, yleviin, onnekas!

Nuku (Sleep)

Sleep, O my little bird,
my shy flower of the forest!
All is quiet, all is still,
day is drawing to a close.
Sleep, child, in thy mother’s lap!
Sleep, ancient one, by the graveside!
Sleep, sick man
whose life is abruptly ended!
Sleep, thou who layest thee down to sleep
praying for peace!
Close, O close those weeping eyes,
close thy blue eyes!
Sleep, O my beating heart,
softly pulsing,
Sleep in grand dreams,
In noble dreams, thou happy one!

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Toivo Timoteus Kuula was a Finnish composer and conductor of the late-Romantic and early-modern periods. He is best known for his many compositions for voice and orchestra.

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