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En Slända (1904) Op. 17

En Slända

Du vackra slända, som till mig flög in,
när tyngst min längtan öfver boken drömde,
du kom med hela sommarn till mitt sinn.
Du kom och jag allt gammalt svårmod glömde.
Blott dig jag såg, min dag jag lycklig dömde,
du vackra slända.
Men bäst jag jublade, att du var min
och lifvets skänk i sång på knä berömde,
du flög den samma väg som du kom in,
du trolska slända.
All afskedsgråt i välgångsord förrinn!
Ej beska fauns i bägarn, som vi tömde.
Att du var sol, jag skugga blott vi glömde.
Flyg ljus, flyg blå, än sommarlycka finn,
välsignade, som en gång varit min,
min vackra slända.

A Dragonfly

You, beautiful dragonfly that flew in to me
When my longing was deepest, reading my book,
You came to my soul with all of summer.
You came and I forgot all my old sorrow.
Just from seeing you, I judged my day as happy,
O beautiful dragonfly.
But when I was most jubilant that you were mine
And praised life’s gift on my knees,
You flew out the same way you had come in,
O bewitching dragonfly.
Tears of parting ran into words of farewell,
No bitterness was in the cup we drank clean.
We forgot you were sun and I was only shadow.
Fly light one, blue one, may summer’s joys you find,
You blessed one, who once were mine,
My beautiful dragonfly.

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Jean Sibelius was a Finnish composer and violinist of the late Romantic and early-modern periods. He is best known for his set of seven symphonies, but he also composed over a hundred songs for voice and piano, and various pieces inspired by nature and Nordic mythology.

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