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Skogen sofver (The forest sleeps) (1908) Op. 28

Part of a series or song cycle:

Sju dikter av Ernest Thiel (Op. 28)

Skogen sofver (The forest sleeps)

Skogen sover.
Strimman på fästet flämtar matt.
Dagen vakar i juninatt.
Tystnat har nyss hennes muntra skratt,
redan hon sover.
Vid hennes sida jag stum mig statt.
Kärleken vakar över sin skatt,
kärleken vakar i juninatt.

Skogen sofver (The forest sleeps)

The forest sleeps.
A streak of light flickers in the firmament.
The day keeps vigil in the June night.
Her merry laughter has just fallen silent,
already she is asleep.
I silently lie by her side.
Love keeps vigil over its treasure,
love keeps vigil in the June night.

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Hugo Emil Alfvén was a Swedish composer, conductor, violinist, and painter. Among his works are a large number of pieces for male voice choir, five symphonies and three orchestral "Swedish Rhapsodies." The first of these rhapsodies, Midsommarvaka is his best known piece.

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