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Al Amor (1921)

Al Amor

Dame, Amor, besos sin cuento
Asido de mis cabellos
Y mil y ciento tras ellos
Y tras ellos mil y ciento
Y después...
De muchos millares, tres!
Y porque nadie lo sienta
Desbaratemos la cuenta
Y... contemos al revés.

To Love

Give me, Love, kisses without number,
your hands seizing my hair,
give me eleven hundred of them,
and eleven hundred more,
and then...
many more thousands, and three more!
And so that no one may know,
let's forget the tally
and...count backwards.
Translations by Jacqueline Cockburn and Richard Stokes published in the The Spanish Song Companion (Gollancz, 1992)

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Fernando (Ferran) Jaumandreu Obradors was a Spanish composer.

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Cristóbal de Castillejo was a Spanish poet.

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