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To bylo ranneju vesnoj ('It was early spring') (1878) Op. 38 no.2

To bylo ranneju vesnoj ('It was early spring')

To bylo ranneju vesnoj,
trava edva vschodila,
ruč'i tekli, ne paril znoj,
i zelen' rošč skvozila;
Truba pastuš'ja poutru
eščë ne pela zvonko,
i v zavitkach eščë v boru,
byl paporotnik tonkij;
To bylo ranneju vesnoj,
v teni berëz to bylo,
kogda s ulybkoj predo mnoj
ty oči opustila...
To na ljubov' moju v otvet
ty opustila veždy!
O žizn'! o, les! o, solnca svet!
O, junost'! o, nadeždy!
I plakal ja pered toboj,
na lik tvoj gljadja milyj;
to bylo ranneju vesnoj,
v teni berëz to bylo!
To bylo v utro našich let!
O, sčast'e! o slëzy!
o, les! o, žizn'! o, solnca svet!
O, svežij duch berëzy!

It was early spring

It was in the early spring,
The grass had barely begun to grow,
The streams were flowing, the air was mild,
And the groves were flecked with green.
The shepherd’s horn
Did not yet ring out in the morning,
And in the pinewood, the slender fern
Was yet to unfurl itself fully;
It was in the early spring,
It was in the shade of birch trees,
When standing before me, smiling,
You lowered your eyes…
It was in answer to my love
That you cast down your gaze –
Oh life! Oh woods! Oh sunlight!
Oh youth! Oh hopes!
And I shed tears before you,
Looking after your tender face –
It was in the early spring,
It was in the shade of birch trees!
It was in the morning of our days!
O happiness! O tears!
O woods! O life! O sunlight!
O fresh scent of the birch tree

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