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Den' li carit ('Can it be day?') (1880) Op. 47 no.6

Den' li carit ('Can it be day?')

Den' li carit, tišina li nočnaja,
V snach li bessvjaznykh, v žitejskoj bor'be,
Vsjudu so mnoj, moju žizn' napolnjaja,
Duma vse ta že, odna rokovaja,
Vsë o tebe!
S neju ne strašen mne prizrak bylogo,
Serdce vosprjanulo snova ljubja...
Vera, mečty, vdochnovennoe slovo,
Vsë, čto v duše dorogogo, svjatogo,
Vsë ot tebja!
Budut li dni moi jasny, unyly,
Skoro li sginu ja, žizn' zagubja!
Znaju odno, čto do samoj mogily
Pomysly, čuvstva, i pesni, i sily,
Vsë dlja tebja!

Can it be day?

Whether the day reigns or the stillness of night,
In incoherent dreams or everyday struggles,
Always with me, making my life whole,
Is the same thought, one fateful thought –
Always of you!
With it I have no fear of ghosts from the past,
My heart leaps again with love…
Faith, dreams, an inspired word,
All that is dear and sacred in my soul –
All of this comes from you!
Whether my hears be bright or despondent,
If I should perish and ruin my life!
There is one thing I know: that to the grave itself,
My thoughts and feelings, songs and strength
Are all for you!

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Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was a Russian composer of the Romantic period. His works are still among the most popular music in the classical repetoire, and he is widely acknowledged as the first Russian composer to make a lasting international impression.

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Aleksey Nikolayevich Apukhtin was a Russian poet, writer and critic.


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