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Tuulinen sää (1914) Op. 25 no.3

Tuulinen sää

Pois, pois halu on
kevättuulisen sään
yli iljangon,
yli siintävän jään,
läpi yön, ohi maan!
Kevätyö karkeloi...
on terhentä tie,
kilo kirsien soi...
Mikä riemusi lie?
Pyhä kaipaus vaan!

Windy weather

Away, away is the desire
Of the windy spring weather,
Over the ice,
Over the blue shining ice,
Through night, past earth!
The spring night frolics...
The road is misty,
Ice-patches shine...
What is thy joy?
Only a sacred longing!

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Leevi Antti Madetoja was a Finnish composer, music critic, conductor, and teacher of the late-Romantic and early-modern periods. He was a student and contemporary of Sibelius.

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