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Hymyi hypnos (1912) Op. 9 no.2

Hymyi hypnos

Hymyi Hypnos:
solisi Lethen vesi,
valkea kyyhky
istahti ikkunallesi.
Lethen laine
huuhtoi sairautesi,
Lethen lintu
yöhösi onnen pesi.
Sydän hullu,
miks’ yhä hiivit lymyyn,
miksi et vastaa
hyvän jumalan hymyyn?

Hypnos smiled

Hypnos smiled:
The waters of Lethe murmured,
A white dove
Perched on thy windowsill.
The waters of Lethe
Washed away thy illness,
The bird of Lethe
Laid an egg of happiness in thy life.
O mad heart,
Why dost thou hide away,
Why dost thou not respond
To the smile of a good god?

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Leevi Antti Madetoja was a Finnish composer, music critic, conductor, and teacher of the late-Romantic and early-modern periods. He was a student and contemporary of Sibelius.

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