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Hertig Magnus (1909) Op. 57 no.6

Hertig Magnus

Hertig Magnus från sitt fönster
drömmande ser Vätterns bölja,
månbelyst och sval och klangrik
slottets fasta murar skölja;
tunga kval hans själ förvirrat,
att sin gode far han mistat,
och att blod i strömmar flutit
för hans bröders skull, som tvistat.
Hertig Magnus från sitt fönster
ser i vattnets ljusa dager
liten sjönymf ljufligt vagga,
sjungande och fri och fager
»Hertig Magnus,» så hon sjunger,
»kom till mig från slottet höga,
att ditt ädla sjuka hjärta
i den svala böljan löga,
låt mig kyssa få din tinning,
sköna prins, låt dig beveka,
kasta dig i mina armar,
på gullharpan skall jag leka!»
Hertig Magnus från sitt fönster,
tjusad utaf nymfens fägring,
sprang i vattnet, lät sig föras
af sin undersköna hägring,
bars omkring tills morgon grydde,
af den väna vattenanden,
och blef funnen bland violer,
oskadd, slumrande på stranden.

Hertig Magnus

Baron Magnus at his window
Of the waves of Vettern dreaming,
Watches them surround his castle,
in the moonlight palely gleaming.
Sorrow hath his soul enfoulded,
that his father's life is going,
And that blood in brothers' quarrels,
in red rivers should be flowing.
Baron Magnus from his window,
where the moonlight palely gleameth,
Sees a mermaid gently rocking,
beautiful and free she seemeth.
"Baron Magnus," thrice she calleth,
"Come to me thy castle leaving;
I will banish all thy sorrow
where my cooling waves are heaving.
Let me kiss thee on thy forehead,
Come my Prince O come to me,
I will hold thee to my bosom,
on golden harp will play to thee."
Baron Magnus from his window,
listened to the mermaid calling,
Saw her beauty, came towards her,
through the gleaming waters falling.
There until the morrow's dawning
Safe he wandered in her keeping,
and was found by those who sought him,
gently on some violets sleeping.

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Jean Sibelius was a Finnish composer and violinist of the late Romantic and early-modern periods. He is best known for his set of seven symphonies, but he also composed over a hundred songs for voice and piano, and various pieces inspired by nature and Nordic mythology.

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