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Kukushka ('The Cuckoo') (1886) Op. 54 no.8

Kukushka ('The Cuckoo')

«Ty priletel iz goroda, -
kakije, skazhi, tam slukhi nosjatsja o nas?»
(Skvorca kukushka sprashivala raz).
«Chto zhiteli tolkujut gorodskije khot'
naprimer, o pesnjakh solov'ja?
Interesujus' `etim ochen' ja.»
«Ves' gorod on privodit v voskhishchen'e,
kogda v sadu jego razdastsja trel'.»
«A zhavronok?»
«I zhavoronka pen'e plenjajet ochen' mnogikh.»
«Neuzhel'? Nu, a kakov ikh otzyv o drozde?»
«Da khvaljat i jego, khot' ne vezde.»
«Jeshchjo khochu sprosit' ja, - mozhet stat'sja,
i obo mne ty slyshal koje-chto?»
«Vot pro tebja, sestrica, tak priznat'sja,
ne govorit reshitel'no nikto!»
«A! jesli tak, - kukushka vozopila, -
to o sebe, chto ljudjam otomstit',
sama ves' vek, pokuda khvatit sily,
ne perestanu ja tverdit':
kuku, kuku, kuku, kuku, kuku...!»

The Cuckoo

“You’ve flown in from town, -
Tell us, what they are saying about us there?”
(The cuckoo asked the starling one day).
“What, for instance, do townsfolk
Make of the nightingale’s songs?
This is of great interest to me.”
“The whole town is utterly delighted
By the sound of his trilling in the garden.”
“And the lark?”
“Very many are captivated by the lark’s singing too.”
“You don’t say! Well, what do they make of the thrush?”
‘They praise him too, although not everywhere.”
“I also wanted to ask – did you perhaps
Hear anything about me at all?”
“About you, my sister dear, I must admit,
No one had anything to say at all!”
“Ah! If that’s how it is”, the cuckoo lamented,
“I’ll have my revenge on them all,
And as long as have strength enough
I’ll remind them of who I am by repeating:
Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo…!”

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Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was a Russian composer of the Romantic period. His works are still among the most popular music in the classical repetoire, and he is widely acknowledged as the first Russian composer to make a lasting international impression.

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