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L'avertimento (1901)

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No corè, puti, smaniosi tanto
Drio quel incanto
Che Nana g’ha
Xe tuto amabile
Ve acordo, in ela,
La xe una stela
Cascade qua
Ma … ma … la Nana cocola
G’ha el cuor tigrà.
L’ocio xe vivo
Color del cielo,
Oro el cavelo
Balsamo el fià;
Ghe sponta in viso
Do’ rose intate.
Invidia al late
Quel sen ghe fa
Ma …
Ogni ochiadina
Che la ve daga,
Da qualche piaga
Voda no va!
Col so’ granelo
De furbaria
La cortesia
Missiar la sa …
Ma …

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Reynaldo Hahn was a French composer, conductor and music critic. He moved to France at the age of three from Venezuela. 

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Pietro Burrati was an Italian poet.

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