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Anzoleta co passa la regata (1835)

Part of a series or song cycle:

La Regata Veneziana

Anzoleta co passa la regata

I xe qua, vardeli,
povereti i ghe da drento,
ah contrario tira el vento,
i gha l’acqua in so favor.
El mio Momolo dov’elo?
Ah lo vedo, el xe secondo.
Ah! che smania! mi confondo,
a tremar me sento el cuor.
Su coragio, voga, prima d’esser al paleto se ti voghi,
ghe scometo, tutti indrio ti lassarà.
Caro, par che ei svola, el li magna tutti quanti,
meza barca l’è andà avanti,
ah capisso, el m’a vardà.

Angelina during the regatta

Here they come, here they come, look at them,
The poor things, they’re nearly done in,
Ah, the wind is against them,
But the tide’s in their favour.
My Momolo, where is he?
Ah, I see him, in second place.
Ah! the excitement’s too much for me,
I can feel my heart racing.
Come on, keep it up, row, row,
You must be first to the finish,
If you keep rowing, I’ll lay a bet
You’ll leave all the others behind.
Dear boy, it’s as if he’s flying,
And he’s beating the lot of them,
He’s gone half a length ahead,
Ah! Now I understand – he’s seen me.

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Gioachino Antonio Rossini was an Italian composer, who was know for his 39 operas, as well as his songs, chamber music, and piano pieces. Despite setting new standards for opera, he gave up large-scale composition in his thirties, focusing instead on pieces for voice, choir, piano, and chamber ensembles.

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