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Anzoleta dopo la regata (1835)

Part of a series or song cycle:

La Regata Veneziana

Anzoleta dopo la regata

Ciapa un baso, un altro ancora,
caro Momolo, de cuor;
qua destrachite che xe ora de sugarte sto sudor.
Ah t’ho visto co passando
su mi l’ocio ti a butà
e godito respitrando:
un bel premio el ciaparà…
Sì un bel premio in sta bandiera
che xe rossa de color;
gha parlà Venezia intiera,
la t’a dito vincitor.
Ciapa un baso, benedeto a vogar nissun te pol,
de casada de tragheto ti xe el megio barcarol.

Angelina after the regatta

Take a kiss, another,
dear Momolo, from my heart;
here at your right hand is it time to dry your sweat.
Ah I have seen you in passing
by throwing my glance toward you
and enjoyed whispering:
he will catch a beautiful prize…
Yes this flag is a nice prize,
it is red;
of which all of Venice will talk,
you are called the winner.
Take a kiss, no rower is more blessed than you,
yours is the best name among rowers of ferryboats.

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Gioachino Antonio Rossini was an Italian composer, who was know for his 39 operas, as well as his songs, chamber music, and piano pieces. Despite setting new standards for opera, he gave up large-scale composition in his thirties, focusing instead on pieces for voice, choir, piano, and chamber ensembles.

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