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Tilim-bom (1917)

Part of a series or song cycle:

Three Children's Tales


Tilim-bom, tilim-bom
Zagorelsja kozij dom.
Koza vyskochila,
Glaza vypuchila,
Koza khvostikom trjasjot,
Pomogat' ljudej zovjot,
Kotik v kolokol zvonit,
Na pozhar bezhat' velit.
Tilim-bom, tilim-bom,
Vy spasajte kozij dom!
Bezhit kuritsja s vedrom,
Zalivat' kozij dom.
A za neju petushok,
Zolotoj grebeshok,
Tashchit lesenku,
Pojot pesenku.
Tilim-bom, tilim-bom,
My potushim kozij dom.
Ljudi vyskochili,
Glaza vypuchili,
Borodoju vse trjasut,
Pomogat' koze begut,
Ljudi v kolokol zvonjat,
Za soboj bezhat' veljat.
Tilim-bom, tilim-bom,
Polivajte kozij dom.
A koza s kotikom kotom,
S kuritsej, s petukhom
Na trave sidjat rjadkom,
Pojut gromkim goloskom,
Tilim-bom, tilim-bom,
Potushili kozij dom.


Ding-dong bell, ding-dong bell,
The goat-shed is on fire.
The nanny-goat leapt out,
Her eyes on stalks,
Wagging her little tail,
And asking people for help.
Whilst the cat rings the bell,
To summon people to the fire.
Ding-dong bell, ding-dong bell,
Save the goat-shed, if you can!
The chicken comes running with a pail,
To extinguish the goat-shed.
Then comes the cockerel,
With his gilded comb,
Dragging a little latter,
And singing a little song.
Ding-dong bell, ding-dong bell,
We’ll put out the fire in the goat-shed.
The people leapt out,
Their eyes on stalks,
Shaking their beards,
And running to help the nanny-goat,
The people ring the bell,
Summoning people to follow them.
Ding-dong bell, ding-dong bell,
Pour water on the goat-shed.
And nanny-goat and little cat,
And chicken and cockerel too,
Sit side by side upon the grass,
Singing at the top of their voices,
Ding-dong bell, ding-dong bell,
We have saved the goat-shed!

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Igor Stravinsky was a Russian-born composer, pianist, and conductor. He is widely considered one of the most important and influential composers of the 20th century.

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