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Prezc z moich oczu Op. 74 no.6

Prezc z moich oczu

Precz z moich oczu! Posłucham odrazu!
Precz z mego serca! I serce posłucha.
Precz z mej pamięci! Nie! Tego rozkazu moja
I twoja pamięć nie posłucha.
Jak cień tym dłuższy gdy padnie z daleką
Tym szerzej koło żałobne roztoczy,
Tak moja postać, im dalej ucieka,
Tym grubszym kirem twą pamięć pomroczy.
Na każdym miejscu I o każdej dobie,
Gdziem z tobą płakał, gdziem się z tobą bawił,
Wszędzie I zawsze będę ja przy tobie,
Bom wszędzie cząstkę mej duszy zostawił.

Out of my sight

Out of my sight! Leave me I beg you!
Out of my heart! I cannot go against you.
Out of my thoughts! No, that ultimate surrender
Our memories could ever render.
As evening shadows lengthen
And stretch their sad imploring arms,
My face will shine brighter in your mind
The further you are from me.
In every season in places close to our hearts,
Where we have shared laughter, tears and glances,
Always and everywhere shall I be with you,
For everywhere I have left a part of my soul.

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Frédéric François Chopin (1 March 1810 – 17 October 1849) was a Polish composer and virtuoso pianist of the Romantic era who wrote primarily for solo piano. He has maintained worldwide renown as a leading musician of his era, one whose "poetic genius was based on a professional technique that was without equal in his generation."

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