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Mały więzień ('Little Prisoner')

Mały więzień ('Little Prisoner')

Oj chwyciłbym ja skrzypki,
I grał Ci Panie Boże,
Choć zmarznięte ręce moje
I daleko mam do Ciebie.
Oj trzymałbym ja skrzypki,
I dalej grał Panie Boże,
Z tej wysokiej pryczy
może prędzej byś usłyszał.
A choćbym wszystkie struny zdarł,
To ja bym, Panie Boże,
Po slomkowych promykach
pociągął smykiem i grał!
Padł na twarde posłanie,
Przez sen wołał o skrzypki,
O nowe struny...
Ale on grać na skrzypkach wcale nie umiał,
Tylko że tak właśnie rozumiał Tęsknienie.

Little Prisoner

Oh, how I'd grab the fiddle,
and play for you, Lord God,
although my fingers are frozen,
and I am so distant from you.
Oh, how I'd hold the fiddle,
and go on playing, Lord God:
from my bunk up high,
maybe you'd hear me better.
And even if I tore off all my strings,
Lord God, I'd go on
pulling my bow with rays of sunshine,
like straw, and playing!”
He fell asleep on the hard bed,
and cried in his sleep for a fiddle,
for a set of new strings...
The boy didn't really know how to play a fiddle;
it was the way to define his longing.

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Simon (Szymon) Laks was a Polish composer and violinist, who became head of the prisoners' orchestra at Birkenau-Auschwitz.

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Maja Berezowska was a Polish painter.

She was imprisoned at Ravensbrück concentration camp for drawing caricature cartoons of Adol Hitler, and later liberated in 1946 by Soviet forces.

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