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Hó, hó, krávy dó (1924)

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Hó, hó, krávy dó

Hó, hó, krávy dó,
nesó mliko pod vodó,
nesó mliko pul zidlíka.
Kde je naše jalová?
U bozího kostela.
Kostel se borí,
stodola horí.
Skoc panenko do vody,
máš tam zlaté korály.
Nac bych já tam skákala,
sukýnky si máchala,
kde bych si je sušila?
U pastýra v koutku,
na zeleném proutku.

How! Now! There's the cows

How! Now! there's the cows!
Each one full of milk so creamy,
And their eyes are vain and dreamy.
One cow has no calf at all,
Hides behind the churchyard wall.
Crash! falls the church spire!
The new barn is on fire!
Girl, jump in the water cold,
You'll find corals made of gold.
No, I won't jump, I'll get hurt,
And I'll wet my fine new skirt.
Then how can I get it dry?
Shepherd on the meadow
He will hand it up for you.

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Leoš Janáček was a Czech composer, musical theorist, folklorist, publicist and teacher. He was inspired by Moravian and other Slavic folk music to create an original, modern musical style.

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