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Jeypur: Si vous pensez à elle (1912)

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Quatre poèmes hindous

Jeypur: Si vous pensez à elle

Si vous pensez à elle,
vous éprouvez un douloureux tourment.
Si vous la voyez,
votre esprit se trouble.
Si vous la touchez,
Vous perdez la raison.
Comment peut-on l’appeler bien-aimée?

Jeypur: If you think of her

If you think of her,
you feel an aching torment.
If you see her,
you grow distracted.
If you touch her,
you lose your reason.
How can you call her beloved?
Translations by Richard Stokes, from A French Song Companion (Oxford, 2000)

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Maurice Delage was a French composer and pianist.

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Bhartrihari is a  5th century Sanskrit writer to whom are normally ascribed the Vākyapadīya and the Śatakatraya.

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