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Golos ptic (1921) Op. 36

Part of a series or song cycle:

Five Balmont Poems (Op. 36)

Golos ptic

Ot lastočki do solov’ja
Vsja povest’ malaja moja.
Vesnu kasatka načinaet,
A solovej konec ej znaet.
S kasatkoj pervoj v pervyj grom
Parnym umojsja molokom,
I budeš’ bel, ne budeš’ lišnij pred devoj,
Pod cvetuščej višnej.
Gnezdo, v kotorom malym raj,
U lastočki ne razorjaj,
Ne to pril’nut k tebe vesnuški,
Smejat’sja budut i durnuški.
Kogda zasviščet solovej,
Vnikaj v tu pesnju, vver’sja ej.
No est’ i lešego v nej dudka.
Ne sleduj, ėto zlaja šutka,
Julinaja est’ stukotnja.
Ne sleduj ej, pojmi menja.
No serdcem slušajsja, raskata,
I sčast’e rascvetët bogato.
I est’ kukuški i perelët
V toj pesne, čto ljubov’ zovët.
Ne sleduj mudrosti kukuški,
I ne igraj v ljubvi igruški.
Po solov’inomu zapoj
Do samoj vysi goluboj.
I znaj, čto svjatost’ gnëzd-doroga
Do zvëzd, do solnca i do boga.

The voice of the birds

From the swallow to the nightingale
My tale is slight.
The swallow heralds the spring,
And the nightingale knows its end.
When the swallow first comes, with the first thunder,
Wash your face with warm, fresh milk,
To make yourself white and please your girl,
Beneath the flowing cherry tree.
Be careful not to destroy the swallow’s nest,
Where little birds find their rest,
Otherwise your face will be covered with freckles,
And silly girls will mock you.
When the nightingale begins to trill,
Listen carefully to its song and trust in it.
But there is something devilish in its notes.
Be careful, there’s a cruel joke
In its melodious warbling.
Be careful and mark my words.
But listen to your heart
And you will be richly rewarded with happiness.
And in that song, which speaks of love,
There is the cuckoo’s fickle flight.
Do not head the cuckoo’s wisdom,
And do not play games with love.
Strike up instead a song like the nightingale’s
And sing it to the azure heights.
And know that the sacred nature of the nests
Is the path to the stars, to the sun, and to God.

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Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev was a Soviet composer, pianist and conductor. As the creator of acknowledged masterpieces across numerous musical genres, he is regarded as one of the major composers of the 20th century.

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Konstantin Dmitriyevich Balmont was a Russian symbolist poet and translator. 

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