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Der Yesoymes Brivele (1943) Op. 13

Part of a series or song cycle:

Children's Songs (Op. 13)

Der Yesoymes Brivele

Der mamen shraybt ir eyntsik kind,
Heyp es oyf, du liber vint!
Un trog aroyf oyf yener velt
Tsu der mameshis getselt …
Nisht tsu trinken, nisht tsu esn,
un zey heysn dich fargesn!
Shlofn oyf a hartn kastn …
ich ken shlofn, ich ken fastn …
Un di shverste lastn trogn,
lozn zey nor mich nisht shlogn,
Mame muter, mame muter,
Zey viln mich nor veynen hern,
Un ich, mame, hob keyn trern,
Lig ich, mameshi, un tsiter,
iz mir biter, mame muter!

The orphan's little letter

The only son writes to his mother
Lift it up, beloved wind!
And bear it up, to that world
To mama’s dwelling-place …
Nothing to drink, nothing to eat,
and they tell me to forget you!
To sleep upon a hard crate …
I can sleep, I can fast…
And bear the heaviest burden,
Just let them not beat me
Mama mother, mama mother,
They want only to hear me weep
and I, mama, have no tears,
I am lying, mama, and tremble,
it is bleak, mama mother!

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Mieczysław Weinberg was a Polish-born Soviet composer.

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