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Der König bei der Krönung (1886)

Part of a series or song cycle:

Sechs Gedichte von Scheffel, Mörike, Goethe und Kerner

Der König bei der Krönung

Dir angetrauet am Altare,
O Vaterland, wie bin ich dein!
Lass für das Rechte mich und Wahre
Nun Priester oder Opfer sein!
Geuss auf mein Haupt, Herr, deine Schale,
Ein köstlich Öl des Friedens, aus,
Dass ich wie eine Sonne strahle
Dem Vaterland und meinem Haus!

The King at his coronation

Wedded to you at the altar,
O Fatherland, I am yours!
For the righteous and true, let me
Now be a priest or a sacrifice!
Pour out upon my head, Lord, your cup,
With the precious oil of peace – pour it out
So that I can shine like the sun
Upon my Fatherland and my home!


Hugo Philipp Jacob Wolf was an Austrian composer of Slovene origin. He is particularly known for his art song, or Lieder. His Lieder display a concentrated expressive intensity unique to Wolf. 

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Eduard Friedrich Mörike was a German Romantic poet.

Mörike was born in Ludwigsburg. His father was Karl Friedrich Mörike (d. 1817), a district medical councilor; his mother was Charlotte Bayer. He attended the Latin school at Ludwigsburg, and the seminary at Urach (1818) where he made the acquaintance of Wilhelm Hartlaub and Wilhelm Waiblinger. He then studied theology at the Seminary of Tübingen where he met Ludwig Bauer, David Friedrich Strauss and F. T. Vischer.

He followed an ecclesiastical career, becoming a Lutheran pastor. In 1834 he was appointed pastor of Cleversulzbach near Weinsberg, and, after his early retirement for reasons of health, in 1851 became professor of German literature at the Katharinenstift in Stuttgart. This office he held until his retirement in 1866; but he continued to live in Stuttgart until his death. In what political and social views he espoused, he was monarchist and conservative.

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