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Jerusalem, surge (1611)

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Tenebrae Responsories for Holy Saturday

Jerusalem, surge

Jerusalem, surge, et exue te vestibus jucunditatis;
induere te cinere et cilicio:
quia in te occisus est Salvator Israel.
Deduc quasi torrentem lacrimas per diem et noctem,
et non taceat pupilla oculi tui.
Quia in te occisus est Salvator Israel.

Arise, O Jerusalem

Arise, O Jerusalem, and put off your garments of rejoicing;
cover yourselves with sack-cloth and ashes:
for the Saviour of Israel has been slain in your midst.
Let your tears run down like a river, day and night,
and let not the apple of your eye cease.
For the Saviour of Israel has been slain in your midst.

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Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa was Prince of Venosa and Count of Conza. He is best known for composing intensely expressive madrigals and pieces of sacred music. Several operas and pieces of music have been inspired by his work and his life, particularly the jealous murder of his wife and her lover upon discovering their affair.

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