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I Himmelen, I Himmelen (1906) Op. 74

Part of a series or song cycle:

Fire Salmer (Four Psalms) (Op. 74 )

I Himmelen, I Himmelen

I Himmelen, I Himmelen
Hvor Gud, vor Herre bor
Hvor saligt did at komme hen
Hvor er den Glæde stor.
For evig, evig skal vi der
Se Gud i Lyset, som han er
Se Herren Zebaot.
Og Sjælen får sin Prydelse
Den Krone, som er sagt,
Retfærdighedens Brudekrans,
Og så den hvide Dragt.
O Gud! Hvad Lyst at være dig nær,
At se I Lyset, som Du er
Dig, Herren Zebaot!

In heaven’s hall, in heaven’s hall

In heaven’s hall, in heaven’s hall,
where our Lord God abides
How wonderful to enter there
How great the joy.
Eternally, we shall be there
behold God in all his glory, revealed as He is
The Lord God, Zebaoth.
And the soul is adorned
with its crown, as it is written,
the Bridal wreath of justice
with robes of purest white.
God, what joy to be you nigh
revealed in all Your glory.
You, the Lord God Zebaoth.

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