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Spyashchaya Knyazhna, 'The Sleeping Princess'

Spyashchaya Knyazhna, 'The Sleeping Princess'

Spit, spit v lesu gluxom,
spit knyazhna volshebny'm snom,
spit pod krovom tyomnoj nochi,
son skoval ej krepko ochi.
Spit, spit.
Vot i les gluxoj ochnulsya,
s dikim smexom vdrug prosnulsya
ved'm i leshix shumny'j roj
i promchalsya nad knyazhoj.
Lish' knyazhna v lesu gluxom
spit vse tem zhe myortvy'm snom.
Spit, spit.
Slux proshyol, chto v les dremuchij
bogaty'r pridyot moguchij,
chary' siloj sokrushit,
son volshebny'j pobedit
i knyazhnu osvobodit, osvobodit.
No proxodyat dni za dnyami,
gody' idut za godami...
Ni dushi zhivoj krugom,
vse ob' 'yato myortvy'm snom.
Tak knyazhna v lesu gluxom
tixo sput glubokim snom;
son skoval ej krepko ochi
spit ona i dni, i nochi.
Spit, spit.
I nikto ne znaet, skorol'
chas udarit probuzhden 'ya.
Attrib. Borodin.

The Sleeping Princess

In a forest deep there sleeps,
A princess in an enchanted sleep,
She sleeps beneath the night so dark,
Sleep has firmly sealed her eyes.
She sleeps, she sleeps.
All at once the forest stirs,
Suddenly there awakes with laughter wild
A raucous horde of sprites and witches,
Swarming over the princess.
But the princess in the forest deep
Sleeps on in the same deathly sleep.
She sleeps, she sleeps.
Word spreads that into this virgin forest
There’ll come a powerful knight,
Who with his might will break the spell
And overcome the charms of sleep
And set the princess free again.
But day by day goes by,
And year by year…
There’s not a living soul around,
Everything is sunk in deathly sleep.
And so the princess in the forest deep
Quietly sleeps her sleep so deep;
Sleep has firmly sealed her eyes,
On she sleeps, both day and night.
She sleeps, she sleeps.
And no one knows how soon
The hour of her awakening will come.

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Alexander Porfiryevich Borodin was a Russian composer and chemist. Although better known for his composition, Borodin is also well known for his work concerning organic synthesis, nucleophilic substition, and the aldol reaction, as well as founding the School of Medicine for Women in Saint Petersburg. 

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