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Jardín antiguo (1954)

Jardín antiguo

Ir de nuevo al jardín cerrado,
Que tras los arcos de la tapia,
Entre magnolios, limoneros
Guarda el encanto de las aguas.
Oír de nuevo en el silencio
Vivo de trinos y de hojas,
El susurro tibio del aire
Donde las almas viejas flotan.
Ver otra vez el cielo hondo
A lo lejos, la torre esbelta
Tal flor de luz sobre las palmas:
Las cosas todas siempre bellas.
Sentir otra vez, como entonces,
La espina aguda del deseo,
Mientras la juventud pasada
Vuelve. Sueño de un dios sin tiempo.

Old Garden

To go again to the closed garden
That behind the arches of the wall,
Among the magnolias, the lemon trees,
Holds the enchantment of the waters.
To hear again in the silence
Alive with chirping and the leaves,
The warm whisper of the wind
On which old souls are floating.
To see again the deep sky,
Far away, the slender tower
Like a flower of light over the palm
Everything always beautiful.
To feel again, like then,
The sharp thorn of desire,
As past youthfulness
Returns. A dream of a god without


Carlos Guastivino, one of the foremost Argentine composers of the 20th century, produced over 500 works in his lifetime, mostly for piano and voice.

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Luis Cernuda Bidón was a Spanish poet and a member of the Generation of '27. 

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