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Teseo mio ben (1790)

Part of a series or song cycle:

Arianna a Naxos

Teseo mio ben

Teseo mio ben, dove sei tu?
Vicino d’averti mi parea ma un lusinghiero sogno fallace m’ingannò.
Già sorge in ciel la rosea Aurora e l’erbe e i fior colora Febo uscendo dal mar col crine aurato.
Sposo adorato, dove guidasti il piè?
Forse le fere ad inseguir ti chiama il tuo nobile ardor.
Ah vieni, O caro ed offrirò più grata preda a tuoi lacci.
Il cor d’Arianna amante, che t’adora costante, stringi con nodo più tenace e più bella la face splenda del nostro amor.
Soffrir non posso d’esser da te diviso un sol momento.
Ah di vederti, O caro, già mi stringe il desio.
Ti sospira il mio cuor. Vieni, idol mio.

Theseus my beloved

Theseus my beloved,
where are you?
I seem to have you near me,but a flattering treacherous dream deceives me.
Already rose coloured Dawn is rising in the sky
and Phoebus colours the grass and flowers
rising from the sea with his golden hair.
Adored husband, where have your footsteps led you?
Perhaps your noble ardour calls you to pursue wild beasts.
Ah come, my dearest,
and I shall offer a more pleasing prey to your snares.
Arianna’s loving heart, which adores you faithfully,
clasps the splendid
light of our love with a firmer knot.
I cannot bear
to be apart from you for a single moment.
Ah beloved, I am consumed with longing to see you.
My heart sighs for you.
Come, my idol.

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Franz Joseph Haydn was an Austrian composer of the Classical period. He was a friend and mentor of Mozart, and tutor of Beethoven.

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