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Ma, a chi parlo? (1790)

Part of a series or song cycle:

Arianna a Naxos

Ma, a chi parlo?

Ma, a chi parlo? Gli accenti eco ripete sol.
Teseo non m’ode, Teseo non mi risponde, e portano le voci e l’aure e l’onde.
Poco da me lontano esser egli dovria.
Salgasi quello che più d’ogni altro s’alza alpestro scoglio: ivi lo scoprirò.
Che miro? O stelle! Misera me! Quest’è l’argivo legno, Greci son quelli. Teseo!
Ei sulla prora! Ah, m’inganassi almen … No no, non m’inganno.
Ei fugge, ei qui mi lascia in abbandono. Più speranza non v’è, tradita io sono.
Teseo, Teseo, m’ascolta Teseo! Ma oimè! Vaneggio.
I flutti e il vento lo involano per sempre agli occhi miei.
Ah, siete ingiusti, O Dei se l’empio non punite! Ingrato!
Perchè ti trassi dalla morte? Dunque tu dovevi tradirmi?
E le promesse, e i giuramenti tuoi? Spergiuro! Infido! Hai cor di lasciarmi!
A chi mi volgo? Da chi pietà sperar? Già più non reggo:
Il piè vacilla, e in così amaro istante sento mancarmi in sen l’alma tremante.

But to whom am I speaking?

But to whom am I speaking?
Only echo repeats my words.
Theseus does not hear me,
Theseus does not answer me,
and my voice is carried by the wind and the waves.
He must not be far from me.
Let me climb the highest of these steep rocks:
I shall discover him thus.
What do I see? O heavens!
Misery me!
That is the wooden argosy,
those men are Greeks.
He is on the prow!
O may I at least be mistaken …
no, no, I am not mistaken.
He flees,
he leaves me abandoned here.
There is no longer any hope for me, I am betrayed.
Theseus, listen to me Theseus!
But alas! I am raving.
The waves and wind are stealing him from my eyes for ever.
Ah, you are unjust, O Gods
if you do not punish the infidel!
Ungrateful man! Why did I snatch you away from death?
So you had to betray me?
And your promises and your oaths?
Perjurer! Infidel!
Have you the heart to leave me?
To whom can I turn?
From whom can I hope for pity?
I can already bear no more:
my step falters,
and in so bitter a moment
I feel my trembling soul weaken.

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Franz Joseph Haydn was an Austrian composer of the Classical period. He was a friend and mentor of Mozart, and tutor of Beethoven.

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