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Ah! che morir vorrei (1790)

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Arianna a Naxos

Ah! che morir vorrei

Ah! che morir vorrei
In si fatal momento,
Ma al mio crudel tormento
Mi serba ingiusto il ciel.
Misera abbandonata
Non ho chi mi consola.
Chi tanto amai s’invola,
Barbaro ed infidel.

Ah, how I should like to die

Ah, how I should like to die
in so fatal a moment,
but the heavens unjustly keep me
in my cruel torment.
Wretched and abandoned
I have no one to console me.
He whom I loved so much has fled,
barbarous and unfaithful.


Franz Joseph Haydn was an Austrian composer of the Classical period. He was a friend and mentor of Mozart, and tutor of Beethoven.

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