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La Pastorella dell'Alpi (1835)

La Pastorella dell'Alpi

Son bella pastorella,
Che scende ogni mattino
Ed offre un cestellino
Di fresche frutta e fior.
Chi viene al primo albore
Avrà vezzose rose
E poma rugiadose,
Venite al mio giardin.
Chi nel notturno orrore
Smarrì la buona via,
Alla capanna mia
Ritroverà il cammin.
Venite, o passaggiero,
La pastorella è qua,
Ma il fior del suo pensiero
Ad uno sol darà!

The Shepherdess of the Alps

I am the pretty shepherdess,
Who comes down every morning,
Offering a little basket
Of fresh fruit and flowers.
Those who come at first light
Will find delightful roses
And apples damp with dew,
Come all to my garden.
Those who lost their way
In the horror of the night,
Will find their path once more
At my little cabin.
Come, oh passing traveller,
The shepherdess is here,
Yet the flower of her thoughts
She will give to one and one alone!


Gioachino Antonio Rossini was an Italian composer, who was know for his 39 operas, as well as his songs, chamber music, and piano pieces. Despite setting new standards for opera, he gave up large-scale composition in his thirties, focusing instead on pieces for voice, choir, piano, and chamber ensembles.

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