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La Serenata (1835)

La Serenata

Mira la bianca luna
Ascosa d’un bel vel,
Vieni alla selva bruna,
Vieni, ci arride il ciel.
Vieni, là tra quell’ombra oscura,
Vieni, non far rumor,
Vien, deh! vien, ti rassicura
Non lo saprà che Amor.

The Serenade

Gaze at the pale moon
Shrouded in a beautiful veil,
Come to the darkening wood,
Come, the heavens smile upon us.
Come, there, amongst the shadows’ gloom,
Come, make not a sound,
Come, ah! Come and be sure
Love alone will be our witness.


Gioachino Antonio Rossini was an Italian composer, who was know for his 39 operas, as well as his songs, chamber music, and piano pieces. Despite setting new standards for opera, he gave up large-scale composition in his thirties, focusing instead on pieces for voice, choir, piano, and chamber ensembles.

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