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Sud'ba (1902) Op. 21 no.1

Part of a series or song cycle:

Twelve Romances (Op. 21)


S svoej poxodnoyu klyukoj,
S svoimi mrachny'mi ochami
Sud`ba, kak grozny'j chasovoj,
Povsyudu sleduet za nami.
Bedoj liczo eya grozit,
Ona v ugrozax posedela,
Ona uzh mnogix odolela,
I vse stuchit, i vse stuchit:
Stuk, stuk, stuk...
Polno, drug,
Bros` za schastiem gonyat`sya!
Stuk, stuk, stuk...
Bednyak sovsem obzhilsya s nej:
Ruka s rukoj oni gulyayut,
Sbirayut vmeste xleb s polej,
V nagradu vmeste golodayut.
Den` cely'j dozhd` ego kropit,
Po vecheram laskaet v`yuga,
A noch`yu s gorya, da s ispuga
Sud`ba skvoz son emu stuchit:
Stuk, stuk, stuk...
Glyan`-ka, drug,
Kak drugie pozhivayut.
Stuk, stuk, stuk...
Drugie prazdnovat` soshlis`
Bogatstvo, molodost` i slavu,
Ix pesni radostno neslis`,
Vino smenilos` im v zabavu:
Davno uzh pir u nix shumit.
No smolkli vdrug bledneya gosti...
Rukoj, drozhashheyu ot zlosti,
Sud`ba v okoshko k nim stuchit:
Stuk, stuk, stuk...
Novy'j drug k vam prishyol,
Gotov`te mesto!
Stuk, stuk, stuk...
No est` zhe schast`e na zemle!
Odnazhdy', polny'j ozhidan`ya,
S vostorgom yuny'm na chele,
Prishyol schastlivecz na svidan`e.
Eshhyo odin on, vse molchit,
Zarya za roshhej potuxaet,
I solovej uzh zatixaet
A serdce b`yotsya i stuchit:
Stuk, stuk, stuk...
Mily'j drug,
Ty' pridyosh`-li na svidan`e?
Stuk, stuk, stuk...
No vot idyot ona,
I v mig lyubov`, trevoga, ozhidan`e,
Blazhenstvo, vse slilos` u nix
V odno bezumnoe lobzan`e!
Nemaya noch` na nix glyadit,
Vsyo nebo zalito ognyami.
A kto-to tixo za kustami
Klyukoj dokuchnoyu stuchit:
Stuk, stuk, stuk...
Stary'j drug
K vam prishyol, dovol`no schast`ya!
Stuk, stuk, stuk...


With her walking stick
And her gloomy eyes,
Fate, like some grim sentry,
Pursues us everywhere.
Her face threatens us with woe,
Her threats have turned her hair all grey,
She has already prevailed over so many of us,
And still she keeps on knocking:
Knock, knock, knock…
Your time is up, my friend,
Enough of chasing after happiness!
Knock, knock, knock…
The poor man has come to know her well:
Hand in hand they walk,
Together they gather bread from the fields,
Yet their reward is to starve together.
Rain soaks him throughout the day,
In the evening, a blizzard caresses him,
And at night, in his woe and in his fear,
Fate comes knocking in his dreams:
Knock, knock, knock…
Just take a look, my friend,
How other people live.
Knock, knock, knock…
Other people gather to celebrate
Wealth, youth and fame,
Their joyful songs ring out,
Wine is poured for their delight:
Their noisy feast has gone on long.
When suddenly the guests fall silent and turn pale…
Quivering with malice,
Fate’s hand knocks at the window:
Knock, knock, knock…
A new friend has arrived,
Set a place for her!
Knock, knock, knock…
Yet there is some happiness on earth!
Once upon a time, full of anticipation,
With youthful rapture across his face,
A lucky lad came to meet his sweetheart.
He’s still alone, in the silence,
Twilight falls beyond the grove,
And the nightingale stills its song,
And his heart beats and pounds:
Knock, knock, knock…
Dear fried,
Will you come and meet me then?
Knock, knock, knock…
But here she comes,
And in an instance, love, anxiety, anticipation
And bliss all merge together for them
In a single frenzied kiss!
Night looks on in silence,
And the whole sky is flooded with lights.
Then quietly behind the bushes,
Someone knocks tiresomely with her stick:
Knock, knock, knock…
An old friend
Has come to see you. Enough of happiness!
Knock, knock, knock

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Sergei Rachmaninov was a Russian composer, pianist, and conductor of the late Romantic period.

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Aleksey Nikolayevich Apukhtin was a Russian poet, writer and critic.


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