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Morskaja Carevna, 'The Sea Princess' (1868)

Morskaja Carevna, 'The Sea Princess'

Pridi ko mne nochnoj poroj,
o putnik molodoj!
Zdes' pod vodoj
i prokhlada, i pokoj.
Ty zdes' otdokhnjosh',
ty sladko zasnjosh',
kachajas', na zybkikh vodakh,
gde, negi polna,
lish' dremlet volna
v pustynnykh beregakh.
Po zybi morskoj
sama za toboj
carevna morskaja plyvjot!
Ona manit, ona pojot,
k sebe tebja zovjot...

Morskaja Carevna, 'The Sea Princess'

Oh come to me at night,
My youthful traveller!
Here beneath the waves
It’s cool and calm.
Here you will find rest
As you fall fast asleep,
Rocked by the rippling waters,
Where, full of yearning,
The waves but doze
On desolate banks.
Across the swelling sea,
Sailing in your wake,
The sea princess will come!
She lures, she sings,
She beckons you to join her…

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Alexander Porfiryevich Borodin was a Russian composer and chemist. Although better known for his composition, Borodin is also well known for his work concerning organic synthesis, nucleophilic substition, and the aldol reaction, as well as founding the School of Medicine for Women in Saint Petersburg. 

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