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Toothbrush time (1978)

Part of a series or song cycle:

Cabaret Songs

Toothbrush time

It’s toothbrush time,
Ten a.m. again and toothbrush time.
Last night at half past nine it seemed O.K.
But in the light of day not so fine at toothbrush time.
Now he’s crashing round my bathroom,
Now he’s reading my degree,
Perusing all my pills,
Reviewing all my ills,
And he comes out smelling like me.
Now he advances on my kitchen,
Now he raids every shelf
Till from the pots and pans and puddles and debris
Emerges three eggs all for himself.
Oh, how I’d be ahead if I’d stood out of bed;
I wouldn’t sit here grieving
Waiting for the wonderful moment of his leaving
At toothbrush time, toothbrush time,
Ten a.m. again and toothbrush time.
I know it’s sad to be alone,
It’s so bad to be alone,
Still I should’ve known
That I’d be glad to be alone.
I should’ve known, I should’ve known!
Never should have picked up the phone and called him.
“Hey, uh, listen, uhm …
Uh, I’ve got to, uh ...
Oh, you gotta go too?
So glad you understand.
And ...”
By the way, did you say
Nine tonight again?
See you then.
Toothbrush time!

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