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Ved en ung Hustrus Bare, 'At the grave of a young wife' Op. 39 no.5

Ved en ung Hustrus Bare, 'At the grave of a young wife'

Blegnet hun, midt i Livets Glød;
segnet hun som ej aned Død.
Døden agted ej
Livets Blomstervej,
fagrest Blomst den brød!
Sorgens Toner lyde,
kan ej Fred betyde,
Længslens Suk og Råb,
kan det rumme Håb?
Båren sænkes i Jorden ned;
Tåren spejler det mørke Sted.
Han som misted jo
kjærlig Lykkes Ro,
Far og Mor stå ved.
Da usynlig kommer
Livets store Dommer,
lærer dem det Råb,
som kan rumme Håb.

At the Grave of a Young Wife

She has withered, in the midst of life’s heat;
She has fallen, though she had no knowledge of death.
Death had no respect
for life’s flowery path.
It broke the loveliest of flowers.
Tones of mourning are heard
But they won’t bring peace.
Sighs and moans of longing:
Can they give consolation?
The coffin is lowered into the ground;
Tears fall into that darkened place.
He has lost
The peace of true love.
Mother and father stand near
While life’s great judge
Walks unseen –
Teaching them the cry
That might bring consolation.

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