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Vitsippan Op. 88 no.3


Se vitsippan hur täck hon är,
men ack! hur förgänglig.
Knappt av din hand hon bryts,
innan hon dör i din hand.
Henne i ömhet lik som i täckhet,
akta dig, flicka,
att, av förförar'n kysst,
du ej må vissna som hon.

The Wood Anemone

See the wood anemone, how pretty she is,
But, oh! How fleeting!
Plucked by your hand she breaks,
Before she dies in your hand.
Alike in tenderness and beauty,
Take care, girl,
That, kissed by the seducer,
You do not wither like her.

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Jean Sibelius was a Finnish composer and violinist of the late Romantic and early-modern periods. He is best known for his set of seven symphonies, but he also composed over a hundred songs for voice and piano, and various pieces inspired by nature and Nordic mythology.

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Frans Michael Franzén was a Swedish-Finnish poet and clergyman.

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