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A Lucky Child (from 'At The Statue of Venus') (2005)

A Lucky Child (from 'At The Statue of Venus')

libretto by Terrence McNally (from At the Statue of Venus)
ROSE: At night we dream of love, of loving and being loved like when we were children;
if we were lucky, as I was. I knew my parents loved me and I loved them. I felt safe and
protected. I knew that morning would always come. And I knew I was loved. Oh God, I
was a lucky, lucky child.
Sunday night dinners over at Grandma’s, we’d all be together; playing piano, singing
along, not in tune or too much in measure. Wrestling with cousins, the stories we’d share,
the night Randall kissed me. Then, pretending to sleep in the car riding home with my
father and mother; wanting to hear the secrets they’d share. But mostly, just wanting to be
carried upstairs in my father’s arms, then he’d kiss me and say: “Good night, my little
pumpkin. Sleep soundly, my little love. Angel from heaven. Star from above.” And I’d
That love is what I’m seeking, to feel again I am safe and protected, to wake each morning
filled with hope, and to know I am loved. Oh God, I was a lucky, lucky child.
At the Statue of Venus © 2005 by Jake Heggie and Terrence McNally (reprinted by permission of Bent Pen Music, Inc.)

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Jake Heggie is an American composer. Read more here.

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Terrence McNally is an American playwright, librettist, and screenwriter. 

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