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I Heard You Singing (1923)

I Heard You Singing

I heard you singing when the dawn was grey
And silver dew on ev’ry blossom lay;
Though the rising sun too soon drank up the dew,
I thought I heard you singing all the long day through.
I heard you singing in the silent hour
When evening came with sleep for bird and flow’r;
A song like happy murmuring of woodland streams,
I thought I heard you singing down the vale of dreams.
Beloved, when the last call echoes clear,
And I must part from all that is so dear,
I shall not fear the valley that before me lies,
If I may hear you singing as I close my eyes.


Royden Barrie was a pseudonym used by Rodney Bennett (1890–1948), father of the composer Richard Rodney Bennett.

Under this name, he wrote many song-lyrics for Eric Coates and Roger Quilter among others.


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