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Crys y Mab (A Young Man's Shirt)

Part of a series or song cycle:

Cerddi Hynafol (Ancient Songs)

Crys y Mab (A Young Man's Shirt)

Fal yr oeddwn yn golchi
Dan ben pont Aberteifi,
A golchffon aur yn fy llaw,
A chrys fy nghariad danaw,
Fo ddoeth ata’ ŵr ar farch,
Ysgwydd lydan, buan, balch,
Ac a ofynnodd im a werthwn
Grys y mab mwya' a garwn.
Ac y ddoedais i na werthwn
Er canpunt nac er canpwn,
Nac er lloned y ddwy fron
O fyllt a defed gwynion,
Nac er lloned dau goetge
O ychen dan eu hiefe,
Nac er lloned Llanddewi
O lysiau wedi sengi,
Fal dyna'r modd y cadwn
Grys y mab mwya' a garwn.

A Young Man's Shirt

One day as I stood 'neath
The bridge at the river,
A golden beater in my hand,
My true love's shirt for to wash,
There came thither a handsome knight,
Broad-shoulder’d, comely, fine,
And he ask'd me if I'd sell him
The shirt of my own true lover.
And I replied: 'No thank you!
More than money and jewels
And the two upper fields
Full of sheep and of clover,
And the two lower fields
Full of calves and their mothers,
And the orchards of Llanddewi
Full of fruits at their ripest:
Well that's how much I treasure
The shirt of my own true lover.'
Performance translation by Rhian Samuel

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