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Guitares et mandolines (1890)

Guitares et mandolines

Guitares et mandolines
Ont des sons qui font aimer.
Tout en croquant des pralines
Pépa se laisse charmer
Quand, jetant dièses, bécarres,
Mandolines et guitares
Vibrent pour la désarmer.
Mandoline avec guitare
Accompagnent de leur bruit
Les amants suivant le phare
De la beauté dans la nuit.
Et Juana montre, féline,
(Guitare avec mandoline)
Sa bouche et son œil qui luit.

Guitar and mandolin

Guitar and mandolin
Cause you to fall in love.
While crunching pralines,
Pepe lets herself be charmed
When, sounding sharps and flats,
Mandolin and guitar
Resound to disarm her.
Mandolin and guitar
Accompany with their sound
Lovers who follow the beacon
Of beauty in the night;
And feline Juana flashes
(Guitar and mandolin)
Her gleaming eyes and mouth.

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Charles-Camille Saint-Saëns was a French composer, organist, conductor, and pianist of the Romantic era. A musical prodigy, he gave his first concert at only 10 years old, before studying at the Paris Conservatoire.

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