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Chanson française (1910)

Chanson française

Janeta ount anirem gardar,
Qu’ajam boun tems un’oura? Lan la!
Aval, aval, al prat barrat;
Ia de tan belas oumbras!
Lou pastour quita soun mantel,
Per far siere Janetan. Lan la!
Janeta a talamen jougat,
Que se ies oublidada. Lan la!

Chanson française

Jenny, where shall we go to tend the flock,
And enjoy ourselves for an hour? Hey ho!
Down yonder, down yonder, in the gated meadow,
There are so many lovely shadows there!
The shepherd takes off his cloak
And makes Jenny sit down. Hey ho!
Jenny had such a time of it,
That she quite forgot herself. Hey ho!

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Joseph Maurice Ravel was a French composer, pianist and conductor.  In the 1920s and 1930s he was internationally regarded as France's greatest living composer. He was one of the first composers to acknowledge the potential of recording in making music accessible to a broad public, and in the 1920s several recordings of his work were made.

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