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Le chapelier

Le chapelier

Le chapelier s'étonne de constater
Que sa montre retarde de trois jours,
Bien qu'il ait eu soin de la graisser
Toujours avec du beurre de première qualité.
Mais il a laissé tomber des miettes
De pain dans les rouages,
Et il a beau plonger sa montre dans le thé,
Ça ne le fera pas avancer davantage.

The hatter

The hatter is astonished to find
That his watch is three days slow,
Despite always greasing it diligently
With butter of best quality.
But he has dropped
Breadcrumbs into the works,
And though he dips his watch in the tea,
That will not make it go faster.

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Éric Alfred Leslie Satie was a French composer and pianist. An influential artist in the Parisian avant-garde, Satie's work can be considered a precursor to later movements such as minimalism, repepitive music, and the Theatre of the Absurd.

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