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A menina e a canção (1923)

Part of a series or song cycle:

Suite for voice and violin

A menina e a canção

Tralilarara trarila trarila.
A menina esganiçada, magriça,
com a saia voejando por cima dos joelhos em nó,
Vinha meio dansando, cantando, ao crepusculo escuro.
Batia compasso com a varinha, na poeira da calçada.
De repente voltou-se para a negra velha que vinha
tropegando atraz, enorme trouxa de roupa a cabeça:
«Qué mi da, vó?» … Nâ-âo.

The girl and her song

Tra-lil-a-ra-ra, tra-ri-la, tra-ri-la.
The skinny, shrill little girl 
her skirt fluttering above her bony knees 
came along half dancing, singing, in the dim twilight.
She marked the beat with her stick on the dust-covered pavement. Suddenly she turned toward the old black woman
that stumbled along behind her, with an enormous bundle of clothes atop her head:
"What you got for me, Nana?" ... Not one thing.

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Heitor Villa-Lobos was a Brazilian composer, conductor, cellist, pianist, and guitarist.

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